Testimonial: Mr Thabo Mbhele

I was involved in a car accident in Ladysmith and I almost died. I was told by my family that I was transferred from Ladysmith and admitted at St Anne’s hospital. My family later told me that when they came to see me at the Hospital they didn’t think I would make it. My family also told me that I had an operation in my head and I don’t even know the doctor that did the operation because the entire time I was in hospital I could not talk and I could not breathe according to my family. I could not recognise my family members when they came to visit me.


I was then transferred to Royal hospital and I was admitted here on 18 July 2017. When I arrived at this facility I was not aware of my surroundings. I woke up one day and I was surrounded by nurses and they told me I had been at Royal hospital for five days. I was very confused because I felt like I was waking up from deep sleep and maybe dreaming. When I finally realised what had happened to me my memory was very vivid. My memory was so bad that I thought my late mother who passed away five years ago was still alive. All I could remember was that I was involved in a car accident. I could not remember anything that happened before the accident. I looked at my body and I was glad that I still had legs and hands and then I told myself that I must be positive and I will recover.


I owe my recovery to Royal hospital staff and doctors. I was in nappies at some point, I could not get out of bed and on few occasions I used to spit out my medication and insult the staff because I was confused and frustrated. The staff were very patient with me and they were very understanding. The nurses crushed my pills and mixed them with juice so that I can take my medication and this trick worked because I stopped spitting my pills. I was unable to bath myself and I could not walk and the nurses assisted me to bath in the shower every day and check up on me. When I finally regained my confidence I cooperated with the staff.


During my stay at Royal hospital a lady came to stretch my legs, now I know that lady is a Physiotherapist. Another lady later started teaching me how to read and write and we would play games. Now I know she was helping to exercise my brain. I was told this lady is an Occupational therapist. The physiotherapist helped me to start walking again and I’m grateful for her motivation. She would take me to the gym in the hospital to go up and down the stairs and many exercises that I’ve never seen before in my life. This helped me to walk properly again. I stayed at Royal hospital until today and I’m happy to go home being able to read and write, to walk by myself and to bath myself. With the treatment I received from the different people in this facility I have my memory back and I can go home to my family walking without crutches or wheelchair which I thought would happen when I woke up and realised I had been in a car accident. Although my eyesight has been impaired I am glad I can walk and talk and do all the things for myself.  Today I’m going home and I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my recovery from the bottom of my heart. May you be as patient with other people as you have been patient with me. Your words of encouragement helped me to believe that I can be normal again.


Yours Sincerely


Mr Thabo Mbele


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