Post spinal injury rehabilitation

Fell and sustained an injury that reduced his mobility: Cervical disc degeneration

Admitted on 26 June 2017 and discharged on 25 August 2017

The thing that really helped me a lot was the fact that the staff immediately sort of embraced me, I was part of the family and they were constantly providing motivation and supporting me. When I first came in I couldn’t push the bell, the alarm; bell because my hands were weak. They put the bell around my toe and the staff always responded to it immediately. That was basically the whole secret to my recovery, the staff and the therapists, even the student nurses. I miss it now. You know they are very dedicated. When I first arrived I had a bad spell of diarrhoea for two or three days and they never hesitated to clean me. I was so embarrassed because I was putting an extra load of work but they were very dedicated and professional. The nursing staff were very dedicated. I have been to many hospitals all over the world but the nursing care far exceeds anything I’ve ever experienced.

Getting admitted at Royal hospital definitely helped me to recover. The occupational therapists and the other therapists immediately set goals for me. At the beginning, I could not even use my hands. They taught me how to feed myself even though I had to lift my hand to my mouth. The therapists helped me to do things for myself. We can recommend this place to anybody, really this place is good” said Mrs Joubert. Every time I could do something by myself that I could not do previously all the staff was glad for me, they celebrated with me. I really felt like I was part of the family.

“We do the exercises everyday like we were advised, we are going to do Pilates next week” said Mrs Joubert. I am very grateful to this place. I’m much better that where I was before I received the treatment here.

Thank you


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