Speech Therapy

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Speech Therapy

The Speech Therapy Department is an important and relatively active section within rehabilitation services at the Hospital. It which works in collaboration with other medical and allied healthcare disciplines within our valued multidisciplinary framework. Our speech therapy team manages disorders of speech, language, communication and swallowing in children and adults.

Speech therapy is focused on the prevention, diagnosis, habilitation and rehabilitation of communication, swallowing, or other disorders. This also includes elective (optional) modification of communication behaviors through socialization and group exercises and the enhancement of communication.

The speech therapy team works with almost all medical departments within the Pietermaritzburg hospitals, building an effective working relationship in a collaborative environment and ensuring continuity of care. In terms of providing specialized care, the department offers the following:

Speech and language delay/disorders
• Voice and swallowing disorders (dysphagia)
• Communication therapy.
• Patients needing assistive devices such as speaking valves or voice prosthesis
• Augmentative and alternative communication systems
• VitalStim therapy for dysphagia patients (uses electrical stimulation with swallowing exercises)
Our team is dynamic and we complement each other to provide the best care possible.


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