Royal Rehabilitation hospital prides itself with its own fully fitted certified halaal kitchen and in house registered dietitian. The kitchen staff and dietitian work together to ensure patients receive nutritious meals suited to their specific needs. These include specialised diets such as diabetic, renal, hypertensive, cardiac, soft, puree and light diets. Meals are individualised per patients’ preferences and consistency requirements. 


Furthermore, there are patients who may be unable to eat orally. Here the dietitian is equipped to prescribe specialised feeds using feeding tubes as a means of feeding patients. These patients include head injury, stroke, cancer and post-operative patients to name a few.

Patients, caregivers and families are also educated and provided with advice, reading material and guidance on how to prepare meals and feeding methods after discharge.


Good nutrition is imperative to optimal healing, improving overall health and wellbeing and reducing hospital length of stay in patients.


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